Does the Quran permit sex with slaves?

After a short exchange with a guy named “Tanvir Chowdhury” on Twitter Tanvir wrote a detailed response as to why he thinks sex with slaves is not endorsed by the Quran.  I shall quote Tanvir’s response and intersperse my comments. Does #Islam permit a #Muslim man to have sex with his slaves in addition to his legal wives? Those arguing it does, frequently cite the #Quran, verses 23:5-6 as support for their position. These verses as translated by Yusuf Ali reads:“Who abstain from sex,Except with […]

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Whosoever kills a human being – Rupert Murdoch’s Quran rant on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch has recently upset many people by having a rant about the Quran on Twitter.  He discusses a verse in the Quran commonly cited by Muslim apologists such as Mehdi Hassan, Ajmal Masroor, and even President Obama to show how peaceful the Quran is.  This verse is never given in its entirety and that is why I think it’s a good thing Murdoch has brought attention to it.  The narrative will go something like this The Quran says “whosoever kills a […]

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Here is a copy of an email I just sent to – I have emailed them in the past so they are aware of my ThisIsTheTruthUncut project.  I was surprised (kind of) to see that they kept the “scientific miracles of the Quran” section of their book after having a new print run off. Bill Hay has a book out in which he describes how he was tricked into saying what he said and how he was then […]

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iERA – Has evolution been misunderstood? A response to Hamza Tzortzis

Has evolution been misunderstood? This is a response to the article “Has evolution been misunderstood” by Hamza Tzortzis of iERA. I was really hoping the document would say “By Hamza Tzortzis” beneath the title so that I could simply reply “Yes, it has. Science too!” “Over the past few decades there has been a growing discourse on science, evolution and its compatibility with Divine revelation. This discourse can be summarised in the following way: the theory of evolution has been established […]

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