A challenge to all flat Earth believers

I’ve seen a number of different models for a flat Earth. A theme I see repeated often is that when explaining the apparent motion of the Sun they only seem to draw it from the perspective of a single person.

The problem with this is that there is more than one person on the Earth, and that there is always more than one person looking at the Sun at the same time. None of the flat Earth models I have seen cater for this very simple fact.

So, I have decided to put together a challenge to flat Earth believers. I have drawn an illustration showing how a specific scenario is explained in what I would call “real life”. I would like to see submissions illustrating how the exact same scenario is possible on a flat Earth.

Imagine three flat Earth believers all looking at the Sun at the exact same moment. They are on a video conference call and are arguing about the current position of the Sun – each giving a live video feed of their view of the Sun + a compass reading so the others can see which direction their camera is pointing.

  • Person 1 is standing in the West and claims the Sun is half obscured by the horizon of the sea to his east.
  • Person 2 is standing in the East and claims the Sun is half obscured by the horizon of the sea to his west.
  • Person 3 is equally distant from the others and claims he sees a non-obscured Sun directly overhead.

An illustration of the scenario described in the challenge

If you are a flat Earth believer, please draw the illustration of the model you believe in on the right hand side of the preceding image. Then submit a comment with a link to your uploaded image for review.

Thank you.


  • None of your images are how we see anything ever! We don’t see the side of our own heads!

    Your straw man FE example has no horizon (orthographic view) this is done to remove all aspects of perspective.

    You assume the horizon is a physical geometric sphere edge capable of blocking things when this has been debunked. Black Swan 2020. Even the globe defenders make it clear that the horizon is not a physical location. You can’t block things with not actual locations. The horizon is apparent, not actual, not physical.

    This entire challenge is nothing more than a false dichotomy used to reify orthographic, perspective hijacking earth curve geometry by way of a physical geometric sphere edge horizon to block the sun.

    We do not live on a model. The globe is dead, we only have one horizon, the horizon in your globe model was physical and geometric, before it was debunked by the black swan. Now we are told by the globe defenders just how non physical the horizon is (refracted with 7/6r).

    Lastly, your globe model assumes antipodal travel for your globe observation in orthographic view.
    In short, this is a false dichotomy by way of begging the question fallacy using the reification of a physical geometric sphere edge horizon.

    Enjoy the aftertaste.

    Nathan Oakley
    YouTube Flat Earth Debate (host)

    • The Rationalizer

      If the edge of a sphere blocks your view of something, you will see it as a horizon. That is in the drawing.

  • Khalil

    Is flat earth that popular that you rise from the ashes to write about it? 🙂


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